The Jay-B Saffold™ Project
Jay-B Saffold™ is Paul Grettenberger’s Stage name. It is also the brand and symbol that represents original music, performances, concepts and business ideas originating from Paul Grettenberger.Together, Paul and Effrem have established Encore! Theater Group, Spotlight Lounge, and Saffold Sound. All are part of a unique organization dedicated to arts marketing and management, Naked Music Productions and Live Entertainment. When all function at capacity, anyone seeking a career in the arts or music can establish and maintain one.

The Project goal is to reach 1 million kids with a positive message; that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. If you work hard, dreams do come true.
The project includes:
  • Distribution of “Songs about Linda” a 15 track Music album by Paul and Effrem Grettenberger that takes listeners on an emotional Journey involving love and loss. Release date: July 18th
  • National Tour to reach a million kids (Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Florida, California, and more to be confirmed)
    Free shows with area schools and universities that would happen once per semester. The show would be free for students and would promote anti-bullying agendas and the pursuit of happiness (dreams)
  • A permanent physical location for the profession production of art and music
  • Licensing fees
Jay-B Saffold™ should inspire hope. Jay-B Saffold™ is proof that arts and entertainment can act as an outlet to bottled emotion and other problems kids face. We can decrease and maybe even eliminate bullying, teen suicide, and street violence by making more opportunities for those who struggle to cope. We are raising $10,000 in order to reach a million kids with this positive message.
By contributing you aren’t just helping us; you are helping millions of others who without Paul and Effrem, would have no other way.
You can make a one-time tax deductible donation through Jay-B’s Spotlight Lounge, Inc or we can send you a link to our fractured atlas project online.
Help me make some dreams come true.
With NMP, a career in the Arts becomes more practical every day.
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